Playgroups & crèches in Beverwijk

Early childhood education and care (ECEC)

At the Beverwijk playgroups we work with ECEC. This is a fun programme with a particular emphasis on language. ECEC is for toddlers who require additional support.

Whilst enjoying themselves, your child will grasp a better understanding of language and learn how to use it. Later on at primary school, language is very important for good results.

The child healthcare centre will know whether your child is eligible to participate.

playing …

In a playgroup or crèche, it is all about your child. Children play together, in safe and attractive rooms. Indoors and outdoors. In a familiar group, with good toys. Through play, a child will develop in a number of ways.


Toddlers are curious and want to discover the world around them. This is how a toddler develops! There is a lot to discover at the playgroup and crèche. Your child will come into contact with a group, with peers, with leaders and with other parents. Your child will discover play, hear stories and songs, and will become acquainted with various materials. The skilled leaders will ensure variety, to give your child the space to explore.


At the toddler age, a child learns through play. At the playgroup and crèche, your child can enjoy moving, singing, pottering around and playing with others. By running and climbing, cycling, or playing in the sandbox, a toddler will develop physically. But your child will, of course, also learn how to put on his or her own jacket or other everyday things, which will help him or her to become a little more independent. Whilst enjoying themselves, children also learn how to share with others, how to handle rules, listen and talk ….. That will make the transition to primary school easier later on.

Come and take a look around!

If your child doesn’t yet attend a playgroup or crèche, come and have an informal look around some time and meet the leaders.